Starting Sept. 6, 2014, electronics will NOT be accepted at the yard.
This may change. But for now, please do not bring your computer components, video game components, TVs, radios, CD players and the like to RCR.  Thank you for recycling everything else found on this Website's "Recyclable Materials" page

Hard working volunteers! 

Volunteers like Cindi Schwartz bundle up when it's 5 degrees at the Ravalli County Recycling yard, as it was on Nov. 15 (each of us looked like the Michelin Man). But, also like others who commit a Saturday morning or Monday afternoon to the cause of recycling, Cindi has a great time doing so, especially when the weather warms a bit. Think you'd like to try volunteering at RCR? For details, call Janice Lee, volunteer coordinator, at (509) 308-0504.
--Becky Homan, volunteer & RCR board member

Watch the PowerPoint below to learn more about why recycling is a good idea:

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We are a non-profit recycling group, recycling as much as we can with and for folks in Ravalli County.  

We are your friends and neighbors who believe that recycling must be a part of our lifestyle in Ravalli County. We believe that recycling is an important way for individuals and businesses to reduce the waste they generate. Ravalli County Recycling feels that recycling conserves our natural resources and saves our landfill space.  


We provide free recycling services for all of Ravalli County. Our recycling yard is open from 3pm - 6pm on Mondays and 9am-12pm on Saturdays at 759 US Hwy 93 N, Hamilton, across from Don's Home Center. You may drop off recyclable materials during these hours!

Use this link to Contact us now!

RCR is now up and running in Ravalli County. Every week, we work to divert waste away from landfills, and instead provide a no-cost solution to those who can bring recyclables to our dropoff site.  Affordable curbside pickup service is available for those who can't or don't want to bring it in.

Why Recycle?

Without Recycling, we would be throwing away materials that can be processed and sold for re-use. Landfills are filing up while they pollute groundwater and fill the air with methane gas. Recycling can save non-renewable resources and energy. The bottom line is that human generated waste can ruin our Valley and our planet. 

By making better choices, together we can work towards a better end result.