Interested in helping us work toward our mission? There are several ways that YOU can help!

Help by choosing to:


Your contributions can help pay for supplies needed to weigh, sort, and move recycled materials. Like any nonprofit organization, we rely on your contributions to ensure that we have the tools we need to get this important work done!


Your time and efforts can help us ensure that recycling becomes a habit for all of us in the Bitterroot Valley! Join us on special drop-off days to help sort, direct traffic, and engage with members of our community about recycling and what that means for all of us. 

  • education
  • repairing reusables
  • publicity
  • marketing
  • cardboard loading
  • truck loading
  • greeting recyclers
  • helping them unload and place items in the correct bins
  • controlling the quality of sorted materials by careful re-checking of bins


Be a force for change by setting an example for others in our community. By recycling and teaching others how to recycle, reuse, and reduce waste, you are a positive part of this movement within Ravalli County. 


When you buy recycled products (especially those with high post-consumer content), you are encouraging sustainability.