Photos of our recycling yard, our equipment, and volunteers helping the public to recycle cardboard and other materials! 




Boy Scouts help Ravalli County Recycling.  Thank you boys!

More photos from 2013 

Phase One of RCR in Ravalli County:
Ravalli County Fair Grounds

First Picture: The Hino, a 28' goose neck trailer loaded with super sacks and a 1940's home made trailer used for newspapers (here) and metals when needed - October 2011.

Second Picture: Janis & Jo promoting recycling at the Farmers Market
Phase Two of RCR in Ravalli County:
Habitat For Humanity New Location

Volunteers setting up at the Habitat for Humanity "Yard" September 2011

Drive-Through recycling

Phase Three of RCR in Ravalli County:
(Yet to be achieved but entirely possible with the help of inspired recycling Volunteers & Donors)
Our vision for Phase 3 includes RCR's current collections and operations at a larger site plus a baling machine and loading dock that will allow us to produce baled products that can be marketed directly to mills and brokers around the country.  Transportation costs and storage problems prohibit the marketing of recyclables that are not baled to mill specifications and shipped in full semi-truck loads.  

Here are photos of the baling machine acquired by RCR;


Members of the Corvallis High School ecology class took a wintry look at new facilities of Ravalli County Recycling, Inc. in February. The class has a special interest in recycling, as does its science teacher, Tracy Dickerson.  Together they — and custodian Jim Bowen — have begun recycling for the entire school, while also making a video on their progress to show to other school systems. They’re also partnering with RCR for new curbside pick-ups that save Dickerson weekly drop-offs from the school to the recycling site. 

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